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The total amount conned from Todd was £168,000, with the criminal even defrauding Todd’s 60-year-old mother, stealing £82,000 of her savings.

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The results of these incidents are sometimes deadly.

This first episode of the series looks at horrifying cases of sex fraud, including the story of a man attacked by another man when he thought he was meeting up with his dream girl from a dating website.

It seemed to be that there was an almost infinite range of possibilities that could flow from that. Northern lorry driver David arrives at a restaurant to meet Celeste with whom he has arranged a date via the Internet.

'Celeste' arrives but is actually called Mia and proceeds to be offensive to him and the waitress.

David bumps into her as she is hailing a taxi where they kiss before she flees in a taxi.

Jenny, a shy teacher from Rotherham, meets super-confident city trader Nick in a London wine bar.

She is nervous and talkative, he is bluff and full of himself though he does confess that his promiscuity wrecked his marriage.

Then he takes a phone call from work and leaves the room.

In the first episode, Channel 4 spoke to a number of victims of online fraud, including one woman who set up a fake Facebook profile to monitor her niece.

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