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Please see the news section of our website for full details.You can arrange your own courier but a packing charge will apply, if you are collecting your items then please notify us immediately.ROD: Pezon et Michel Parabolic Saumon 14`6" 3 piece split cane salmon fly rod, No.7312146430, green whipped, red tipped snake guides, bronze ferrules, 22" cork handle with twin sliding alloy reel rings and butt cap, red rubber button, fine, in MOB.

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As the rod(s) became almost trade marks for Pezon M, a lot of people used the Fario name to sub-brand the rest of the range of rods they made. are probably more available on somewhere like French ebay, but the prices they command on the U. Pezon et Michel , Parabolic split cane fly rod , two tips , about 8 1/2 ft total length, original bag, bought new about 1972 .

I did have a catologue many years ago, & have seen them turn up on ebay before now, so it might be worth looking out for one, which I think was either in the late 70's or early 80's. Condition =mint.(looks unfished) I don't know much about these rods but I reckon it must be worth a couple of hundred quid.

It's obviously been used, but it's in not bad condition, although the lowest guide on the upper section has snapped.

I've included a few pictures, but my camera is mince, and doesn't take close-ups very well.

Close-up of the broken ring: Excuse the grotty carpet, I should probably hoover the loft more often: Sharpes also made them for Farlows under Pezon licence; but those had bronze anodised ring fittings, brass ferrule, and impregnated cane.

Yours appears to be varnished, and appears to have superior 'nickel silver' ferrules, can you confirm those two details or provide a closer shots?

Here's a more complete description , having had another look at the rod last night.

Pezon et Michel Parabolic Speciale Normale 8ft split cane fly rod with original bag and two tips. Condition is lightly used approx 9/10 in my opinion.

I have a couple of Sawyer books somewhere, as well as that of Charles Ritz.

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