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These colossal examples hint at the extraordinary grandeur and density of these high forests.

The Bog Oaks should ideally be excavated from the peat during the winter months and assessment of the trees overall condition must be carried out immediately and the tree processed according to its condition.

Due to the density of these majestic forests many trees would have fallen on top of one another and have lain on top of there small canopies exposing them to the elements to varying degrees and causing quite severe insect infestation and fungal disease, in short subjecting the trees to a lot of decay before being preserved in the silt of what was once the forest floor.

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Below is a sample of the information I took from Notebooks B/77 and B/80 in the Booth Archives at the London School of Economics.

The notebooks are the combined work of Reverend Arthur Osborne Jay of Holy Trinity, Old Nichol Street, and his curate, Rupert St Leger, who did the original door-knocking and questioning, using Charles Booth’s own questionnaire. Thomas Adam & Alls Seaking Joseph Pappworthe & Elisabeth Huntley ... Edward Seaton & Joane Pane John Barbar & Marian Caroe John White Sc ^Slary Pamplin Samwell Purees & Anis Pickin Thomas Goddard & Elisabeth Holt Thomas Pamplin & Joane Gilett ... [159S John Kent & Jane Huntely John Purcas & Elizabeth Payne ... Sometimes, the resident did invite the visitor in, for an extended interview.People were dying slowly, killed by poverty; yet no one on the Booth survey team thought to interview the landlords, leaseholders, sweat-shop workers, and the tiers of the population who made a good living from high rents and low wages. ‘Wretched room – paper hanging from ceiling in ribbons. Rent 4 shillings – owes 3 months.’ • Barr, slippermaker, gets 4 shillings per dozen, and they sell at 4 shillings 11d a pair at least. No 29 Skinner, wood chopper; wife recently delivered of a baby and very weak, works at fancy-box-making when able.27th February 2009BBC Radio 4 Today Programme Farmers ploughing their fields in the Fens have been uncovering an unusually large number of "bog oaks" - ancient remnants of the forests which once covered Britain preserved deep in the peat soils of the Eastern counties.

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