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Evidence can take the form of a fix taken with a GPS set using WAAS, depths corrected to the charted vertical datum, physical measurements, photographs, drawings, marked up chartlets, and printouts from the Internet.

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A WCMS allows non-technical users to make changes to a website with little training.

A WCMS typically requires a systems administrator and/or a web developer to set up and add features, but it is primarily a website maintenance tool for non-technical staff. User groups allow you to control how registered users interact with the site.

In effect, you are pleading the case for acceptance of your premise as a chart update to NOAA.

This guide is full of illustrations and photos of the various items that are commonly found on a Nautical Chart that have the potential for correction and update.

We install and update about a million apps each day for our home users and Ninite Pro subscribers.

To verify that your site has updated to Funnel Cake, load your website in a browser.

E.g., ftp.Remote Path: The folder path of the remote folder on your FTP server that you will deploy into.

Login: The username of the FTP account that will be used by the FTP tool to write to your remote folder.

We think this increased focus on JS, CSS, and feeds is also the reason why Google needs the additional mobile index that Gary Illyes mentioned in his "Meet the Search Engines" interview at SMX West a couple weeks ago, and why suddenly Google has been talking about apps as "first class citizens," as called out by Mariya Moeva in the title of her SMX West presentation.

A new mobile-only index to go with the new crawler also makes sense because Google wants to index and rank both app content and deep links to screens in apps, but it does not necessarily want to figure them into the desktop algorithm or slow it down with content that should never rank in a desktop search.

Some example sites that use Responsive Design well in a single-page app architecture are: Also, according to Rob Ousbey of Distilled, Google has been testing this kind of architecture on (a Google property).

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