Koobi fora fossil argon dating controversy

As a result, volcanic eruptions were relatively frequent, which shot out layers of ash that were transported and deposited in the Turkana Basin.

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The pursuit and measurement of isotopes has taken Thure Cerling to all seven continents, where he has used isotopes as tools to study Earth's geology and biology.

He has studied subjects as varied as our earliest human ancestors in East Africa, the formation of the Grand Canyon, and the diets of modern animals, including himself.

Last time, we learned about stratigraphy and the law of superposition.

Now the students are going to use this information to come up with a reasonable interpretation of the age of fossils.

Since he had discovered an unknown species, he took the liberty of naming it in an 1894 publication.

He called it Dubois' claims for his Java Homo erectus finds were not widely accepted until the 1930's, when the German/Dutch paleontologist Gustav von Koenigswald made similar discoveries in the Dutch East Indies.In 1967, Cerling enrolled at Iowa State University, Ames, IA, to study engineering.However, a geology elective sparked his interest, and he switched to the discipline that would make his career.By that time, there had also been even more convincing discoveries of Homo erectus in China.Dubois the presumed date for the geological strata in which they were found.The Mauer Mandible has been dated to 500,000 years old.

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