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In the original ending Hughes wrote, Duckie and Andie end up together. Test audiences did not like it and preferred Andie and Blane kissing in the parking lot. He played Keith, the sensitive, soft spoken, artistic, all around nice guy. Keith wants Amanda to know that she should be cherished and cashes out his entire college savings to buys her a pair of diamond earrings. Keith watches with a deep longing as Watts walks away. "As if her ears were waiting for Keith’s heart" LOL amazing! Apparently hot boy and pretty girl in pink make the storybook HEA. Watts, played by Mary Stuart Masterson, is the tomboy BFF to Keith. A girl like Amanda shouldn’t need to borrow from her rich friends and wants her to have them. Watts reaches out for Amanda’s hand Watts: I’m sorry if I misjudged you. Amanda: Remember how I said I’d rather be with someone for the wrong reasons… She shaped my love for the Short-Haired Blonde Tomboy Who Kicks Ass forevermore! At Jenns's party, the timely arrival of other "misfits" saves Keith from taking a beating.

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I heard her explain this at a Q&A following a screening of Valley Girl.

It was a big upset when she was eventually replaced by Deutch who just kinda remade Pretty In Pink again with Some Kind Of Wonderful."Eric Stoltz and Lea Thompson were actually dating during the making of the movie.

See more » This is one of those films which creeps up on you.

On the surface, it is a romantic cliche, but it is extremely well done.

The film is set against the strict social hierarchy of an American public high school.

Blue collar mechanic Keith Nelson (Eric Stoltz) and his tomboyish friend Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) aspire to improve their social standing.

UPDATE: politeintruder kindly wrote in to add that "Martha Coolidge spent a long time in prep for the film as well.

Her influence on the emotional aspects of the script are still there.

When Watts is shooting craps with the off-duty waiters behind the restaurant, as she counts out the money to place her next bet she's holding a cigarette in her left hand.

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